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JBehave BDD

Selenium WebDriver JBehave BDD Basic Example

I've been experimenting with JBehave BDD for testing. So far, I really like the system. It's similar to the Cucumber BDD testing. 


JBehave - BDD testing

JBehave Eclipse Plugin - Go to the bottom of the page and download the jar and stick it in the eclipse plugin directory. 

Github Example Project - Clone or Download the Basic example to try it out. 

JBehaveBasic Project Example Setup

1. Download eclipse plugin and stick it in the Eclipse plugins directory. There isn't an update link to to the plugin. 
2. Download/Clone the basic example from Github
3. Goto the lib directory in the terminal and run ant copy-dependencies and this will download all the pom.xml dependencies in the lib directory
4. Select all the lib jars and right click and add them to your build path. 
5. Right click on RunStories and Debug as Junit. Tadaaa....

Eclipse Plugin Look

The eclipse quick linking into the methods works great!

Eclipse JBehave