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IntelliJ IDEA

  • Start by loading up IntelliJ IDEA and click on Create New Project.

  • Select import project from external model. 

  • Select Maven.

  • Browse and select the project directory. Then click on Import Maven projects automatically. Then I like to click on sources and documentation too. 

  • The import identifies the groupId:artifact:version. Click on next.

  • Select a name for the project.

  • Once the project is finished importing, I like to setup a the debug configuration.

  • Hit the add(+) for adding a new debug configuration and select GWT Configuration.

  • Name the project, select the module and select the server App Engine. Click on ok, and run the debugger. If you don't have App Engine setup, please follow the next steps. 
    • If you have a large project, adjust the vm args: -Xss1024k -Xmx1024M -XX:MaxPermSize=128m

App Engine Library Configuration

This seems a bit clunky but this is how I get the App Engine library configured to the latest. And if you find problems with GAE running, this is probably it.

  • Goto the Run/Debug Configurations and select + add, and find Google App Engine Dev Server. 

  • By creating a App Engine debugger, this will allow for clicking on Configure.

  • Selecting configure brings up the App Engine libraries that exist.

  • Download GAE, browse and select the directory. Choose a good name like AppEngine 1.7.4 so its easy to select.

  • Once done adding the new App Engine library, go back to the GWT project Debug Configuration and select the new GAE library.