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Github Pull Notification

Get Team City build server notifications on the build server progress status for a pull request.


Hows it Work

The Team City GitHub pull notification adds a repository status to a commit when the build starts and then when it ends.  (I don't show the build is pending screen shot)

  • For example this is what it looks like if it fails:
  • When the build ends it could look like this on success:    

Plugin Install

Installing the plugin into Team City is relatively easy. 

1. Find the Team City data directory to store the plugin. Find this in 'Administration > Global Settings > Data directory'. 
  •  The data directory might look like this if the war build is used: /usr/share/tomcat7/.BuildServer. 
2.  Download Plugin by logging into the team city as a guest and clicking on the artifact. 
  • The plugin is named: teamcity.github.zip. Dont unzip it, teamcity will do that. 
3. Then add the plugin to the '.BuildServer/plugins'  directory as teamcity.github.zip.
  • Restart Team City once the plugin is added.

Using Pull Notification Plugin

1. Goto the project by clicking on 'Edit Project Settings' in teamcity.
2. Select Create Build Configuration and name it something like 'Monitor Pulls'.
3. On the Version Control Settings setup, setup the VCS normally but change the 'Branch Specifications'.
  • Add to 'Branch Specifications': refs/pull/*/head
  • Test the connection too. 

4. Add a build step.
5. Goto the 'Additional Build Features' and select 'Report change status to GitHub.
6. Add your repository settings.
  • Note the owner is either an organization or username. 
  • [Owner: organization]/[Repository: name] or [Owner: username]/[Repository: name]

7. Add a VCS build trigger so that on the next pull it change the status on GitHub.
8. Test it out by creating a new GitHub Pull.