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Project Management

Managing several projects on a daily basis is slick with Eclipse. 

About Working Sets

I like to use working sets because it categorizes my projects. This is crucial to focusing on the misson. 

Changing to Working Sets

  • Changing the Package Explorer from Projects to Working Sets.

  • In the Package Explorer view click on the down arrow or carrot, then select Top Level Elements > Working Sets.

  • The package explorer creates 'Other Projects' working sets by default. 
    • When importing with no Working Set selected it will land in Other Projects.

Creating a Working Set

  • Start by selecting the down triangle or carrot in Package Explorer. 

  • Select new.

  • Add a new name to Working set name:. Select the projects to add to the working set. 
    • (In this example I'm using a demo so I don't have many to choose from. But all the projects in your Package Explorer will be listed.

  • Once they are added, click finish.

  • Confirm the new Working Set is selected and click ok.

  • This is how the new Working Set looks once its added to the Package Explorer.

Using the Working Set

Using the working set helps focus work into more than one project.

  • Right click on the Working Set and select Go Into.

  • This is how a Working Set looks once gone into. 
  • Go back to the Working Sets by selecting the folder with up arrow.