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Google Maps V3

I'm building the Google Maps V3 API. There isn't an extensive api available for GWT for maps v3 and the deprecation of v2 is soon.


Whos Using This:

Cycling the Alps - Cycling the Alps gives a full screen 3D experience of passes and mountains in the Alps.

Progress Tracking

Javascript Reference

Multiple KML Files Using Network Link

Adding kml files could cause a 414 URI error. In this case you'll want to use an xml file with network links

Work Around In Dev Mode for Deleting __gwt_ObjectId Elements

Note that this only happens in some map class services and only in GWT DevMode. This is a rare occurrence and probably not needed. I found this happening in the DirectionsService and DistanceMatrixService JSO objects. 

GWT sticks an element in the object named __gwt_ObjectId which causes some maps services to fail in devmode. So this is my work around to get it to work. 

package com.google.gwt.maps.client.workaround;
import com.google.gwt.core.client.GWT;
import com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptObject;

public class WorkAroundUtils {

  public final static void removeGwtObjectId(JavaScriptObject jso) {
    if (jso == null) {
    if (!GWT.isScript()) {
   * jso carries an objectid in devMode, which needs to be removed.
   * @param jso
  private final static native void removeGwtObjectIdImpl(JavaScriptObject jso) /*-{
    delete jso['__gwt_ObjectId'];